Sue Your Creditors And Collection Agencies

Suing your creditors and collection agencies is not a hard thing to do if you have a base for your argument. I know what most people think, and that is “I owe them money, so how can I sue”. The creditors are governed by the fair credit reporting act (FCRA), and the collection agencies are governed by the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA). These acts were put in place to make these creditors and collection agencies accountable. What can one sue for you ask. Well here is a list of things you can sue for. Remember, it doesn’t matter that you owe them money, they still have to follow the rules to collect it.1. Creditors if they report your credit history inaccurately – Most of the time, they will try and correct this problem if you dispute it. They know they are not supposed to do that, but if you make a partial payment and they don’t report it, then they are in violation.2. Creditors, if you dispute a debt, and they fail to report it as disputed to the credit bureaus- Some creditors will neglect to do this and you can make them pay for it.3 Creditors if they pull your credit file without permissible purpose – Making inquiries on your credit report without your permission is not allowed.4. Calls you at your place of employment if the debt collector knows or has reason to know that your employer prohibits the consumer from receiving such communication. – They can’t cause you to lose your job because you owe them a debt. You do have to tell them that your boss doesn’t allow personal calls. They can call your job until you instruct them otherwise.5. The collection agency can not use any kind of harassment or abuse – I have had collection agencies say things like I’m stupid, they call hours they are not supposed to, typically 8 am to 9 pm, 9:01 pm is against the rules, cursing, etc.There are many more things you could sue for. You just need to be very organized and keep records of everything you do, every phone call you take, who you spoke to, etc. Maybe a far fetched idea, but if you sue enough of these creditors, you could possibly make enough money to pay them off or at least make a dent in your debt.

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