How Do I Fix a Ding on My Credit Score? How to Remove Negative Credit and Boost Your FICO Scores

If you have just been denied a loan based on low credit scores you are probably wondering how do I fix a ding on my credit score? Well keep reading because the article below will give you a overview of what you need to do to clean up your credit and boost your FICO scores using simple credit repair methods.How To Remove Negative Credit With Self Credit RepairThe very first thing that you’ll need to do is to secure a up to date copy of your credit report and look it over for mistakes and negative information. In most cases the negative information will be late payments, judgments and collection accounts. Errors are generally incorrect loan payment records. If you are unsure where to get a copy of your report you can get a free one or buy them directly from the reporting bureaus websites.When you have compiled a list of the incorrect and negative information its time to dispute it. This process is called self credit fixing and is quite easy. all you have to do is write a credit dispute letter telling the bureau that you disagree with the information on y our report.Under Federal law they will have to get in touch with  the original account issuer and ask for documentation proving the information. The original account issuer has 30 days to provide that proof. If they fail to prove the information correct in that time period then the negative mark will have to be taken off of your report and your FICO score will improve as a result.

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